Our company has cooperated with Vanke, Hengda, Biguiyuan, Mei, Huarun, Yatai, Shenyang Fujing, Shenyang Jindi, Tianyijing City, Shenyang Shenbao, Shenyang Xinfeng Huiyuan, Liaoyang Hengsheng, Liaoyang Hongmei, Liaoyang Zhongwang Group and other real estate development companies to provide real estate projects for their development. Quality inspection service for third-party projects has been provided. The main projects of cooperation in recent years include: Vanke Tulip Garden, Hengda Four Seasons Upper East, Biguiyuan Huashan, Meicheng, Huarun 24, Yatai, Zhongfang Upper East Flower Villa, Hongfa Huaxi, Changdi Bay, Jindi Age Fenghua, Taiwan Economic and Trade Center, Xinfeng Xinyuefu, Mulansong, Liaoyang Shengbaolong Square, Liaoning Province. Yanghengda Oasis, Hongmei Prince County, Liaoyang Zhongwang Super-large and High-precision Aluminum Project and dozens of other projects under construction or completed.

At the same time, our company has cooperated with many steel structure and door and window manufacturers to inspect the quality of the third-party projects. Including: Liaoning Jinkun Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Liaoning Dahe Heavy Industry Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd., Liaoning Jinguan Haibo Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Shenyang Zhongbang Xingye Steel Structure Co., Ltd., Shenyang Hengli Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd., Shenyang Huaying Construction Steel Structure Co., Ltd., Shenyang Jinhongda Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. Department, Liaoning Liaohai bridge heavy steel Co., Ltd., Shenyang Tianmei color steel Engineering Co., Ltd., Liaoning Zhongqi Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd., Shenyang Weihua Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd., Shenyang Jianwei Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd., Liaoning Yuhong door and window Co., Ltd., etc.

After years of work experience, our company can be competent for all kinds of qualifications of project quality testing tasks, to act fairly and scientifically, accurate data service in time, honest and trustworthy customer satisfaction. Welcome to contact our company!