Pile foundation inspector

Post requirements

1. College degree or above in civil engineering or similar major, with at least 2 years of relevant working experience

2, have a certain understanding of foundation engineering inspection and foundation pit monitoring;

3. Those who have the inspection certificate of Liaoning Provincial Construction Department and can be changed to our company are preferred, and those with intermediate or above titles are preferred. Those who can independently complete on-site data collection, scheme compilation and report compilation are preferred.

Job responsibilities

1. Be responsible for on-site data collection, geotechnical engineering inspection of foundation and foundation pit monitoring;

2, responsible for the daily testing data processing and sorting work, daily equipment operation and maintenance;

3, learn business technology, participate in testing training, obtain work-related license, etc.

Job highlights

Five insurances, one gold, food, regular physical examination for paid grade and free parking

Salary: 2500-4000/ month

Location: Shenyang

Experience: 1-3 years

Education: junior college

Number: 1

Nondestructive testing technician

Job responsibilities:

1,familiar with nondestructive testing related processes and processes;

2,Be familiar with all kinds of analysis standards for nondestructive testing and use them skillfully;

3,Be responsible for judging the quality of the inspected products and issuing inspection reports;

4,responsible for nondestructive testing process, analysis of the problems;


1. Hold the Qualification Certificate for Non-destructive Testing Personnel of Class II Ultrasonic and Magnetic Powder (UT and MT);

2, more than three years of non-destructive testing work experience;

3, metallurgy, material forming, nondestructive testing and other related professional background;

Job highlights

Five insurances, one gold, food, paid annual leave, regular medical examination, free shuttle bus and free parking.

Salary: 2001-4000 yuan/month

Location: Shenyang

Experience: 3-5 years

Education: junior college

Number: 4